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Albert Memorial Clock Tower


The historian describes Fred Heatley Belfast Albert Memorial Clock Tower in Queens Square, at the foot of the main street as his native citys equivalent Italys famous Leaning Tower of Pisa because the monument, completed in 1869 after a major fund successfully lift the unit to pay for it, is a bit out of plumb. However, as has been the traditional venue in Belfast for over a century in New Year's Eve, which is also the equivalent of New York Citys Times Square. Although Prince Albert visited Belfast only once, in 1858 with Queen Victoria, the Selectmen decided to erect a lasting expression of their loyalty to the British crown after the death of Prince Consorts in 1861. In competition resulting architecture, a young rival to the venerable Sir Charles Lanyon, William J. Barre, won and then was deprived of his prize. The contract was awarded in secret after Lanyon, Lynn and Lanyon, the firm that had placed second place actually made by one of the partners Lanyons just happened to be a member of Parliament for Belfast When the public learned of the deception blantant political, the contract was awarded to Barre, after all.

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