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Rajahmundry Travel and Tourism Guide - Tourist places, Hotels, Sightseeings to visit in Rajahmundry - FruitTravel



Rajahmundry one of the oldest cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh and is cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh with Vijayawada and Vishakhapatnam as it�sneighbours Rajahmundry has flourished admirably in the field of Business.There are many temples around Rajahmundry and one of the important places is Annavaram temple located at a distance of 90 KM from Rajahmundry towards Visakhapatnam. This temple can be visited while coming to Rajahmundry from Visakhapatnam or while returning.

Ways to reach Rajahmundry

By Air:

The nearest airport to Rajahmundry is in Gannavaram of Vijayawada and Visaka airport in Vishakhapatnam .There are daily flights from Hyderabad and Chennai by air Deccan.

By Road:

National Highway number 5 between Chennai and Kolkata connects this city. By road on NH 5 it is 200 KM from Visakhapatnam (towards north or Kolkataside ) and it is 160 KM from Vijayawada ( south or Chennai side ). Chennai is 600 Km from Rajahmundry. From Visakhapatnam it is 3 hours journey by road.

By Rail:

Rajahmundry is connected by Chennai � Howrah main train line. All super fast and express trains stops at Rajahmundry station. After the main station train passes over the river Godavari ( while going towards Chennai ). Train takes 3 hours from Visakhapatnam( north side ) and 9 hours from Hyderabad and 10 hours from Chennai ( south side )

Places of Interest in Rajahmundry

Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage in Rajahmundry:

Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage is located at downstream of River Godavari at a distance of 6 KM from city center. This old barrage of length 1440.05 meter has 70 spans. There is a status of Sir Arthur Cotton who has constructed this barrage for the benefit of rural areas by providing Irrigation facility through canals. See the picture gallery of this barrage. This place is also a picnic spot as the vast view of river Godavari is visible downstream of the barrage. People (vendors) carrying banana in huge numbers over the barrage for selling is a common scene.

Accommodation in Rajahmundry

Accommodation in Rajahmundry is available in many forms from government guest houses to Hotels and Lodges .The hotels here are classified into three types they are Budget Hotels, Medium Hotels and Luxury Hotels so the visitors have a number of choices to choose from.

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