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Mizoram, the land steeped in myths and mysteries is located on the tip of the northeastern border of India. It shares its border with Myanmar. Mizoram is a mountainous region cocooned in aesthetic beauty. Its mighty hills interspersed with rivers are simply irresistible. Its literacy rate is second highest in India after Kerala. Peaks crowned with mist, captivating valleys, enchanting streams and meek tribal villages offer a lot of enjoyment to the discerning tourists. It is said that Mizos migrated to this land hundreds of years ago.

Tourism in Mizoram:

With a salubrious climate, dense forests and hilly terrains, Mizoram tourism has plenty to offer for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The state is emerging as a major eco-tourism and adventure tourism destination in Northeast India. During the last five years, Mizoram tourism received a good number of domestic as well as international tourists from all parts of the world. With a proper development work, Mizoram Tourism Department is hoping to witness a dramatic growth in tourist arrival in coming two years. Mizoram tourism has identified several destinations and tourism circuits for infrastructure, accommodation and other developments. These select destinations and circuits of Mizoram tourism would be developed in terms of tourist amenities, wayside amenities, accommodations and other infrastructure. Mizoram tourism is also developing the places near the capital city, Aizwal that include Reiek and Hmuifang for the convenience of the tourists travelling from Aizwal as the only airport of Mizoram is in the capital city. The tourist receptions of Mizoram tourism would be opened in various cities across the country, which would provide travel information about Mizoram, offer Mizoram tourism guides, maps, and travel books at nominal prices.

Places to see in Mizoram:


It is held in high esteem as it is a revered pilgrimage centre of Mizoram. The Mizo people offer ritual sacrifices at this mountain. It towers to an altitude of 2,165 m near the Myanmar border in Chhimtuipui district of Mizoram. It is located on the bank of the river Kolodyne. A visit to this amazing place will transfer you to a different world altogether. Here you will get an opportunity to see colourful butterflies including some rare species found in this region only.

Memorial of Chhingpui:

It is located in an area between Baktawang and Chhingchhip village on the Aizawl-Lunglei road. This lady belonged to a wealthy family and was endowed with incredible beauty.

The Memorial of Chhingpui reminds the people about the passionate love of Chhingpui and Kaptuanga.


It is a row of stone slabs with the largest stone having 3 m width, 1 m thickness and 4.5 m height. It is situated in the eastern part of Aizwal district of Mizoram. Bus and taxi services from Aizwal make it easy to reach Tualchang. In Aizwal you can find good accommodation for a comfortable stay.

Buddhas Image:

The Buddhas image is located only 8 km from the Mualchang village where you can reach in few hours from the capital city Aizwal. Buddhas image is one tourist attraction of Mizoram which is preferred by most of the tourists coming to Mizoram.


Mizoram climate is a little hot and humid. It is pleasant during the months between Novembers to March.

How to Reach Mizoram:

By Air:

Aizwal is the only airport of Mizoram which connects it to Guwahati and Calcutta.

By Rail:

There is no railway station in Mizoram. The nearest railway station is at Silchar in Assam.

By Road:

Mizoram is well connected with places within and outside the state.


Mizos prefer non spicy food. They prepare their dishes in such a way that their nutrients are retained. The wine made at home is quite famous there. Try its popular drink 'Zu'(tea).

Shopping In Mizoram:

Mizoram is famous for its handicrafts and handloom articles such as shawls, textiles, bags and bamboo. Bamboo and cane articles are found in abundance here. The most popular shopping item here is the waterproof 'Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat made from Hanahthial leaves. The craftsman of the state are expert in weaving. The major shopping areas spots are the State Government Handloom Emporium, Bara Bazar, Ritz market, Bazar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazar, Burma Lane, Solomon Cave and New Market.

Accommodation in Mizoram:

Mizoram has a wide variety of hotels catering to different needs and budget of the tourists. Famous hotels are Berawtlang Tourist Recreation Centre, Royale Hotel, Ritz hotel, Chief hotel and Chaltalang Tourist Lodge.

There are number of options in Mizoram from rented guest houses to resorts to Hotels and the hotels here are classified into three types they are Budget hotels , Medium Hotels and Luxury Hotels so the visitors can choose from the number of options which are available to him.

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